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All batter no baby
05/10/19 by Phillip Cannon

Like most men, I was very nervous going into my vasectomy. Dr. Perlow & his staff took excellent care to explain the procedure and keep me comfortable. While I hope to never have another vasectomy I would visit Dr. Perlow again if I did need to.

No big deal!
05/04/19 by Daniel McCaul

Had a great procedure with Dr. Perlow, and never had any post-op pain or issues. No icing needed, not even any ibuprofen. Though I was advised to stay off my feet for the whole day, that wasn’t always possible, and I had a perfectly normal day of work and parenting, same day. Again, this is not advised. Procedure was fast, about 15 min, and the fact that Dr. Perlow has done over 18,000 of these was very reassuring. Very small amount of swelling at the puncture site, and a tiny wound to heal up, and this is complete. Thanks AVC team!

Great staff, fair price, easy procedure.
05/04/19 by Brian Livingston

As the title says I could not have imagined a better experience while getting a vasectomy, Dr Perlow and his team know their stuff. Healing is going well, almost pain free at the end of day 2. Well worth the drive from out of town.

Quick and Painless
04/27/19 by Brandon Heath

Quick and painless procedure. Highly recommend Dr. Perlow and his staff!

Wonderful experience
04/16/19 by Mike

The staff was super friendly and made such a nervous experience pain free. In and out of the office in an hour. Only felt slight pressure. Day 3 of recovery and back at work.

04/16/19 by William Crawford

Fast, Friendly, Professional, and most of all PAINLESS!!!!!

Great Experience
04/11/19 by James Miles

Quick and painless!

Wonderful Experience
03/25/19 by Ryan

Friendly professional staff, quick virtually pain-free procedure (I nicked myself with the clippers earlier in the day trying to shave the area and that hurt worse than anything I felt during the procedure, ha). Again Dr. Perlow is excellent and he and his staff were extremely efficient while also keeping you at ease throughout the whole process. You are in good hands

Painless, hassle-free vasectomy
03/12/19 by Drew

Saw Dr. Perlow 3 days ago for a no-scalpel vasectomy. Having heard the tales of people screaming or feeling intense shocks of pain during vasectomy, I was honestly a bit nervous going in. I'm glad to say I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The procedure took about 20 minutes total and was almost completely painless. I did feel a slight pressure/pain in my testicles near the beginning, but Dr. Perlow quickly addressed this with additional anesthetic and I felt nothing for the remainder of the operation. I am now recovering and have felt little to no pain since having the procedure done. The surgical wound is also minimal and healing nicely. I would highly recommend Dr. Perlow.

Quick, virtually painless, and highly professional
03/12/19 by Adam

The procedure took less than 15 minutes, and I was in the office less than an hour total. Any procedure or post-operative discomfort was minor. Three days later I’m back to resuming many of my daily activities and taking care of the four children I have been blessed to have (they are wonderful, I’m just ready to not have any more!)

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