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Simple and easy
12/03/22 by Anwar Knight

The procedure was simple and easy! The staff made me feel comfortable and I was in and out in no time!

Post vasectomy
12/01/22 by Branden McLeod

Everything went well

11/22/22 by John Batista de Almeida


Quick and easy
11/06/22 by Stephen McNally

Almost fell asleep during the procedure, and without any sedatives or pain relief other than the small local anaesthetic. I arrived 15 minutes before my 4pm appointment and was pulling my pants back on at 4:15, all done and ready to go. Can’t recommend Dr Perlow enough, as I sit on the couch on day 2 with no pain relief. Don’t worry about any of it, it’s easier than a cleaning at the dentist.

Easiest thing ever
11/03/22 by K Cuffman

I was legitimately freaking out over this procedure, but the staff were very efficient and put my mind at ease. I may be like Michael Scott and go back for three more lol.

10/11/22 by Justin Hamby

Let’s just say it’s quick, professional and they really make you comfortable!

Quick and Easy
10/08/22 by Chase Carlson

Procedure was very quick and easy. Dr. Perlow and his staff were very friendly and informative!

10/08/22 by Beau Mitchell

Couldn’t have been any easier!

Quick and easy
09/29/22 by Matthew Jones

Procedure was a lot faster than I envisioned with minimal discomfort(just the numbing injection but just a tiny pinch). The anticipation was 1000 times worse than the procedure.

Atlanta Vasectomy Center Review
09/01/22 by Alejandro Prieto

I was very satisfied with the efficient, and expedient care I was given at Atlanta Vasectomy Center. They were very knowledgeable, and able to answer any questions that arose pre-, and post- procedure within a timely manner.

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