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Painless and Easy!
09/06/19 by Brian Graham

Dr. Perlow and staff were amazing. Very quick process with almost no pain. Highly recommend.

Great Review
08/07/19 by Stephan Hite

Dr. Perlow was fantastic! Entire experience was probably about an hour from the time of the surgery until I walked out. All of the staff was very nice and made me feel very comfortable.

Professional and efficient
08/02/19 by Joshua R

Had my procedure done and I was in and out in an hour. Dr. Perlow was very informative and efficient. His assistant was also very hospitable and accommodating. I feel great on the second day. The weighted blindfold was a surprising and welcome touch.

07/31/19 by Jason Platz

Was a little nervous but doc and staff and calming. Just about no pain as the only thing you feel is the numbing witch feels like a hair being plucked so that isn’t much at all. Other than it only took about 15-20 min or so then you are done and ready to go.

07/29/19 by Brad Lowry

Dr Perlow made the procedure as smooth as possible. the procedure was quick and painless. recovery is painless as long as you follow doctors orders.

07/10/19 by Brannan Sanders

Dr. Perlow and the staff were great. The process is quick and they make sure all your concerns are covered. I highly recommend them.

Quick and relatively painfree
06/23/19 by Griffin Driver

Dr Perlow was very professional, friendly and quick with my vasectomy. The operation was pretty pain free and was over pretty quickly. My biggest complaint was having to wait 30 minutes after my scheduled appointment time, which added to overall natural uneasiness of the appointment. Other than that I would highly recommend Dr Perlow.

Easier than Easy
06/12/19 by Barron Ford

I was VERY nervous going into the procedure. Dr. Perlow and his staff has thought of everything to make the process is smooth and all fears are eased. Entire process is quick and absolutely painless. I recommend Dr. Perlow to anyone thinking about having the procedure.

Excellent service
06/05/19 by Anthony Talbert

I was very nervous about getting a vasectomy done, but the Dr. made me feel relaxed and assured me there in nothing to worry about, he has done thousands of these procedures. I experienced little pain and the procedure was done within 15 minutes. I feel great the following day but as Dr. advise I will continue to stay off my feet. I highly recommend this office.

Quick, Easy, Painless
06/01/19 by James Davey

The whole process took less than twenty minutes, and I barely felt a thing. Doctor Perlow does a great job of putting your mind at ease.

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