This web site was created by the Atlanta Vasectomy Center and friends of Dr David Perlow. Many have requested a forum to rate their Atlanta Vasectomy Center experience. Having done more vasectomies than anyone in the history of Georgia, we know that he is the best!

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Atlanta Vasectomy Center
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by Fadi on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Glad i did it!

guys when i was reading the reviews before the procedure no one had details, i wondered if the good reviews were true or fake. so here u go.

Procedure day:

Freaking out, stressed was gonna back off at clinic last minute, clinic is ok nothing fancy, professional receptionist.

u watch a video (doesent help with stress) you undress, dr came in after, calm professional, asked if i had a question i asked a few, u lay down you feel a little pinch of the injection barely felt it, you feel someone touching u down, little discomfort, dr kept talking to me during the procedure, i was waiting for the pain to start (didnt feel a thing) then the dr suddenly says we are done! u watch another video then the nurse helps u up and answer ur qs and gives u instructions.

after a few hours at home a little bit of pain advil helped ( its normal guys u just had surgery)! nothing much or intolerable.

almost backed off because of the bad reviews, im glad i didnt, guys if u dont want kids or dont want more go ahead, takes lots of courage to do it but it was like a breeze. Thank u dr david!! salutes and respect!

(also no probem peeing, some abdominal pain) took total 800 mg advil, not easy to walk.

Day after procedure: 75% pain improvement, easier to walk, advil helped, feeling much better, no complications.

I recommend this procedure with dr david, such a kind, professional experienced dr 18,000 vasectomies!

been wanting to do this for years, glad i did it! thank u again dr david!

by Diante on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

The process was quick and painless. I enjoyed the conversation and the time they took to answer all concerns.

by shawn on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Great service

Highly recommend, thank you and Merry Christmas

by Robert on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

Dr. Perlow was very nice to talk to in such an uncomfortable time. As far as the procedure very minor discomfort. I would never even begin to categorize as pain, just discomfort. Highly recommend!!

by Brian Keida on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Much Easier than Expected

The thought of getting this procedure done isn’t a pleasant thought for any guy. I was really amazed at how quick the entire process went from the time I entered the door until I left. Dr. Perlow and all of his staff were great! There was definitely a little discomfort getting the anesthesia, but less than expected. Not having a scalpel is definitely the way to go. I would recommend their office to any guy thinking of having this procedure done.

by Neal Andersen on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

The entire experience was quite painless. I felt only mild discomfort as the initial anesthesia was administered, but that was only momentary. The staff were all very professional and courteous.

I would recommend this practice to any man seeking sterilization.

by D Moore on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Painless and easy

Honestly this was an easy experience. The only discomfort I felt was the cold from the antiseptic wash. Dr Perlow was highly professional and had amazing bedside manner. I was nervous but had no reason to be. Mild discomfort the next day. Thanks for the awesome experience

by Daniel Hanley on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Great experience, highly recommend!

I wish I had visited Dr. Perlow years ago! Men need to step up and take greater responsibility for birth control, as a painless vasectomy with negligible consequences is vastly preferable to the cumbersome and risky procedures (and unjustifiable regulation) imposed on women's bodies.

Perlow helpfully addressed my questions and concerns, and before I knew it the procedure was done with remarkable efficiency; it was evident the doctor and his assistant had ample experience (in fact, tens of thousands of vasectomies).

I expected to pay up to $600, but thankfully my insurance paid for all but $60 of it. Of course, a sensible public healthcare system, one which guarantees reproductive healthcare as a human right, would cover the full cost of sterilization. Voluntary sterilization is especially important as a public health health need in light of the climate crisis and urgent constraints on carbon based energy for future generations. This doesn't solely fall on Dr. Perlow, though! For me, $60 seemed like a good deal anyway.

by Jon G. on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Well Done

Quick & Easy. I'm only on the 3rd day post procedure, but no complications noted. I felt a little pain at the beginning so Dr. Perlow gave a bit more pain med and I never felt another thing. I'll would refer anyone to Dr. Perlow for this procedure. It was nice to not have to do the whole "outpatient" thing for this procedure.

by Jim on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Quick and fairly painless

This was a fairly quick and painless process. I’d highly recommend them.

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