This web site was created by the Atlanta Vasectomy Center and friends of Dr David Perlow. Many have requested a forum to rate their Atlanta Vasectomy Center experience. Having done more vasectomies than anyone in the history of Georgia, we know that he is the best!

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Really quick wait and procedure. Staff and doctor was really helpful and nice. Doctor also made procedute feel light by making a few jokes.

by Michel Fontaine on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Painless and easy

Swift, painless and easy.
Great job Dr, Perlow

by Great Experience on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Great Experience

The process of having a vasectomy performed by Dr. Perlow was great! The only reason it gets 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because of the consultation. I thought it could have been a little more personal. Other than that, the experience was quick, easy, and virtually pain free. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone considering a vasectomy.

by Tim Prizer on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
QUICK vasectomy

First, Dr. Perlow's office verified my insurance & my out-of-pocket expenses immediately & then contacted me to schedule the appt. They were able to get me in THE NEXT DAY! Dr. Perlow performs the consultation & the vasectomy on the same day, first visit. The whole process is EXTREMELY quick. I was in the clinic for less than an hour TOTAL. Procedure was mostly painless, minus the needle that administers the anesthetic.

Some reviewers have mentioned that Dr. Perlow does not wait long enough for the anesthetic to begin working before beginning the procedure. I was upfront with him and told him of these reviews. He assured me that this is nonsense because xylocaine works IMMEDIATELY. He then proved to me that it works immediately. No need to wait at all. The issue, he explained, is that it can be difficult to administer the anesthetic precisely where it needs to go to numb the pain. No different than novocaine at the dentist -- sometimes they have to administer more when the patient feels discomfort.

My only complaint is that the whole process feels quite rushed and impersonal, but it is nice to be in and out without much drama. I have only experienced mild discomfort since the procedure took place three days ago, and I feel like I'm well on my way to a full recovery using only Aleve to address the very minor pain/discomfort.

by Anonymous on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Do it!

The only reason not to see Dr. Perlow would be if you wanted more kids! The staff is professional and Dr. Perlow has great bedside manner. Like previous reviews have stated, he will engage you in conversation and before you know it, he's done. I barely even knew he'd started. Well, except for the mildly unpleasant odor of burning vas deferens. Run, don't walk, to Atlanta Vasectomy Center today!


I showed up early for my appointment. After the consultation and procedure. It was done before before my appointment was scheduled. Fast and easy, no pain during the procedure. A little discomfort afterwards. Few ibprophen and your ready to go. But dont. Lay around and and take it easy

Easier Than The Dentist

Being anxious is to be expected, but believe me when i tell you that I've had trips to the dentist for routine cleanings that were more difficult. Everything went great, and the recovery was exactly what they said it would be. I couldn't have asked for a smoother experience.

by Karahn Washington on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
It's Not as Bad as You Would Think

Dr Perlow and I had a very good talk during the procedure which only took about 15-20 minutes. He asked me my reasons for getting the procedure done but didn't try to talk me out of it or try to impose some type of morality. We ended up talking about college football and how we both hate Ohio State because he is from Michigan and I'm from Clemson and before I knew it, he and his assistant were finished.

by Clint Perry on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

Very quick and virtually painless. Highly recommended

Best ever


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