This web site was created by the Atlanta Vasectomy Center and friends of Dr David Perlow. Many have requested a forum to rate their Atlanta Vasectomy Center experience. Having done more vasectomies than anyone in the history of Georgia, we know that he is the best!

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by rick rothschild on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Was not a big deal at all

I am one of those who hates going to the doctor and hate needles etc. Well, there was no pain, a few times I felt "something" a little uncomfortable, but it never hurt. It was super quick, and over before you know it. Granted, my anxiety was still super high just because of my mental issues with any type of doctor procedure. Sweated pretty bad, but again the staff, doctor, and time was incredibly professional, nice, laid back, and efficient. Would absolutely recommend.

Great Visit

Great quick visit. Dr. Perlow was great and very comfortable. Easy procedure in a quick visit.

Quick and Easy

I arrived at 2pm and was home by 3pm. Everyone at the office was informative and friendly. Dr. Perlow's relaxed attitude helped alleviate my anxiety about the procedure 🙂

Great Experience

Dr. Perlow has done more than 17,000 procedures. That is impressive in itself - but he has also sought to incrementally improve the experience every single time. And you can tell - every question, worry, fear and issue was anticipated and solved. He has a system that is really incredible. I wish every medical procedure could be as simple and as efficient as this was with Dr Perlow. Much appreciated.

by Jim Richardson on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

The experience, especially given how nerve-wracking the idea of it can be, was far easier and better than I was nervous that it would be. The office is very efficient and Dr. Perlow made sure that I was comfortable during the procedure. Afterwards, I am aware something was done, but not in pain. Would highly recommend this physician and this office.

Painless and very quick procedure. Everyone was very nice and professional and made me feel comfortable about everything.

Painless and efficient

I was in the office a total of one hour, from walking in, to walking out (and that's only because I arrived early). Dr. Perlow is very efficient, and to-the-point. The procedure was a bit uncomfortable at times, but it was nowhere near as painful and excruciating as people make it out to be.

by Kevin Miller on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

Very simple painless procedure.

Clean & Simple

This was the first surgical procedure of my life and I was admittedly very nervous. The waiting room was extraordinarily clean and the staff was super nice. Dr Perlow was great and the procedure was quick and I had only slight pain in the hours following and now, the morning after, I don't have any pain at all! But, I'm still taking easy...

by Re'Shard Bell on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Very professional in and out

I'm still waiting to feel the slight pinch from my procedure Dr. Perlow warned me about lol!! The procedure was over before I even had a chance to get nervous. I felt nothing went home on Friday followed all of the instructions given by Marsha and I was back at work by Monday. My friend who brought me had the procedure years ago with Dr. Perlow so I will definitely recommend him as well.

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