This web site was created by the Atlanta Vasectomy Center and friends of Dr David Perlow. Many have requested a forum to rate their Atlanta Vasectomy Center experience. Having done more vasectomies than anyone in the history of Georgia, we know that he is the best!

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Simple Fix

David did a great job of explaining the procedure before we got started and definitely found good conversation during the surgery to keep my mind off what was actually happening. There was hardly any pain during the procedure. I was a little sore most of the day after my procedure. The next day was much better and by day two I felt just fine. Overall experience was great!


Great procedure... should of done it a long time ago! I know I was in good hands as Dr. Perlow is the only person who performs the surgeries and has done over 16,000. I knew I could trust him from his success and track record of successful ratings.

by Dan Zimmerman on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Snippity Do-Dah

My anxiety and trepidation were far worse than the procedure and recovery itself. I was in and out in less than one hour and it was all over before I knew it. I knew I was in good hands when Dr. Perlow told me he'd personally performed over 16,000 vasectomies in his career. Great bedside manner and made the procedure as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Highly recommend.

by Mark Dallas on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Quick, Professional, Well Done

Dr. Perlow gets rid of everything that annoys me about the heath care system - no pre-op visit, no long wait times, no discussions to make sure have your mind made up! Just schedule visit, check in, sign here, watch video - ready for the procedure and 15 min later your are ready to walk out.
MOST AMAZINGINGLY - almost PAINLESS and I am on day 2 of recovery!

Easy Peasy

No pain throughout the entire procedure. Dr Perlow and Marsha was outstanding. I highly recommend it.

way better than expected

I went into this like most... With an expectation of this being the worst thing to ever happen... I was pleasantly surprised! Not only was Dr. Perlow very professional, he was also very fast and with a little pain as possible. I barely felt any discomfort through the procedure. The first day was a little sore if I was up doing anything. I am now on day 3 and have no problem being on my feet all day at work. Based on how this went I cant believe I was dreading it so much.

by Levi Crowdis on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

Dr. Perlow was very professional and personable, which helped keep my mind off the procedure, which was virtually painless. The staff was great, and I’m on day one of the post op, feeling nearly no pain whatsoever! Thank goodness I got this done and glad I chose Dr. Perlow to administer the procedure!!!


I just had my procedure on 11/3. Dr.Perlow and his staff were professional, caring and incredibly kind. They had me in and out of the office in about an hour. The procedure itself was virtually painless, as were the two days following the appointment. It has now been only three days and the only evidence of the surgery at all is a very small amount of bruising. I feel great and am only upset I did not see Dr. Perlow sooner. Thank you again!

Quicker than expected

I must say the procedure was quicker than i expected and almost completely painless. I was worried about shaving so i went and got a waxing done and I must say the waxing was far more painful than this. Dr. Perlow was very professional and does what he can to keep your mind off the procedure. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes.

by John Lambert on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

I had my vasectomy done 2 weeks ago, and I wanted to wait before I wrote a review so I could encompass my entire experience in my review. Everything was great! I found Dr. Perlow online and chose him because of his reviews, the number of procedures he's completed, and the location of his office. I started by submitting the insurance check online. I received a phone call from his assistant informing me my insurance would cover the procedure with no out of pocket expense at that time. I scheduled my appointment online and received a call confirm. I arrived early and they were able to get me in early. The procedure itself was a breeze. Dr. Perlow was quick and kept the mood light with his jokes. At one point I experienced some discomfort, but Dr. Perlow immediately alleviated it when I expressed it. After the procedure Dr. Perlow showed me the incision- it was very small indeed. I went home and followed the directions I was given. I experienced no pain for the first few days. On the 3rd or 4th day I did experience some discomfort if I moved a certain way or such, but it was pretty light. I am active at work and was not inconvenienced. About this time some bruising started showing up, but it was not unexpected. It was pretty dark at first in some areas. Now, 2 weeks later, its pretty much all gone. The incision is healing nicely and it won't be long before it's completely healed. I really can't express how easy the whole thing was. I am very happy with Dr. Perlow and his staff as well as the procedure itself. If you are getting a vasectomy, this is absolutely the place to go.

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