This web site was created by the Atlanta Vasectomy Center and friends of Dr David Perlow. Many have requested a forum to rate their Atlanta Vasectomy Center experience. Having done more vasectomies than anyone in the history of Georgia, we know that he is the best!

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Atlanta Vasectomy Center
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by Drew on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Painless, hassle-free vasectomy

Saw Dr. Perlow 3 days ago for a no-scalpel vasectomy. Having heard the tales of people screaming or feeling intense shocks of pain during vasectomy, I was honestly a bit nervous going in. I'm glad to say I had absolutely nothing to worry about! The procedure took about 20 minutes total and was almost completely painless. I did feel a slight pressure/pain in my testicles near the beginning, but Dr. Perlow quickly addressed this with additional anesthetic and I felt nothing for the remainder of the operation. I am now recovering and have felt little to no pain since having the procedure done. The surgical wound is also minimal and healing nicely. I would highly recommend Dr. Perlow.

by Adam on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Quick, virtually painless, and highly professional

The procedure took less than 15 minutes, and I was in the office less than an hour total. Any procedure or post-operative discomfort was minor. Three days later I’m back to resuming many of my daily activities and taking care of the four children I have been blessed to have (they are wonderful, I’m just ready to not have any more!)

by Tom C on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Better than I had expected.

The staff and dr were excellent. My anticipation and nervousness was a 100x worse than the actual procedure. The procedure was quick and pain was mild. Wonderful bedside manner by both dr and nurse. They answered all of my questions and concerns and made sure I was comfortable. The entire experience was quick and pleasant.

by Elija B on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Very Pleasant and Quick

Was nervous going in but it took all of around 25 min from arrival/check in to leaving the offices. Was very happy with Dr Perlow’s bedside manner in particular as I am a younger recipient of this procedure but I felt no judgement at all on my decision. All in all very quick, quite painless and a much better experience than I initially feared

by Lee on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Great Experience

I was very nervous going in, but the staff was courteous and professional. It was very quick, and surprisingly virtually painless. My wife couldn’t believe how quick it was and that I walked out of the office as if I had been to see my primary care physician for a routine check up. I would highly recommend them.

by Ernesto N on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Out in a Breeze

Highly recommended, very professional fast! the hard part of this is the unknown. didn't know what to expect going in but the actual procedure is so quick and almost painless. recovery was fast too, only experienced some discomfort but not pain. ibuprofen w'd take care of it. If you are thinking about it too much, don't, just do it, you w'd be glad you did.

by Rob on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

Fast and easy. Was nervous about the procedure itself. Dr. Perlow made small talk while starting the procedure that helped me calm down. The procedure itself wasn't as bad as I expected. Pain level after is minimal. Almost none after a day. Very non-invasive. Could barely tell anything was done. Dr. Perlow and his staff were all courteous. No waiting in the waiting room/patient room. In and out in under 45 min.

by Kyle on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Very quick and painless

Don't let your friends who've never had a vasectomy scare you away with horror stories. The most 'pain' was the anesthetic injection, but just a small pinch. After that I felt nothing. I kept waiting for the pain to come on but it didn't. It also gave me an excuse to lay around for a weekend. I believe if you listen to the doctor's orders and stay off your feet for two days then you'll be as pain free as me.

For those wondering about fertility, they won't test your specimen until 3 months after the procedure, in which time they remind you that you are not considered sterile yet, so it is 90 days before you know for usre.

by Fadi on Atlanta Vasectomy Center
Glad i did it!

guys when i was reading the reviews before the procedure no one had details, i wondered if the good reviews were true or fake. so here u go.

Procedure day:

Freaking out, stressed was gonna back off at clinic last minute, clinic is ok nothing fancy, professional receptionist.

u watch a video (doesent help with stress) you undress, dr came in after, calm professional, asked if i had a question i asked a few, u lay down you feel a little pinch of the injection barely felt it, you feel someone touching u down, little discomfort, dr kept talking to me during the procedure, i was waiting for the pain to start (didnt feel a thing) then the dr suddenly says we are done! u watch another video then the nurse helps u up and answer ur qs and gives u instructions.

after a few hours at home a little bit of pain advil helped ( its normal guys u just had surgery)! nothing much or intolerable.

almost backed off because of the bad reviews, im glad i didnt, guys if u dont want kids or dont want more go ahead, takes lots of courage to do it but it was like a breeze. Thank u dr david!! salutes and respect!

(also no probem peeing, some abdominal pain) took total 800 mg advil, not easy to walk.

Day after procedure: 75% pain improvement, easier to walk, advil helped, feeling much better, no complications.

I recommend this procedure with dr david, such a kind, professional experienced dr 18,000 vasectomies!

been wanting to do this for years, glad i did it! thank u again dr david!

by Diante on Atlanta Vasectomy Center

The process was quick and painless. I enjoyed the conversation and the time they took to answer all concerns.

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